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My name is C.C. Leonard and you are reading my blog.

I spent over 10 years battling undiagnosed Lyme disease throughout my late teens and 20s. By the time I got my diagnosis and treatment, I found myself broken and broke. The physical and financial toll this time had was absolutely destructive to me and I was at a loss of what to do. Even harder, I couldn’t find anyone who could understand my predicament.

When I started my road to recovery, I wanted to heal all aspects of my life. Not only did I want to feel physically better and improve my health, but I also wanted to alleviate my debt and live a better life overall – the life I felt like was robbed from me for so long. Along the way, I found a love for doing what was right for the health of the planet as well.

This blog is about sustainability. Usually, the word sustainable or sustainable living is used solely for living a low or zero-waste lifestyle for our planet. I like to use it for all aspects of life, however. If you can find a way to live sustainably for everything in your life, your life will be better.

What do I mean?

Living healthy can be so expensive and overwhelming, but there are ways to do it in a way that doesn’t put you in debt or make you even more exhausted. Getting out of debt or getting your finances in order can be equally uncomfortable, but never fear. Do everything a little at a time and on your time, and you’ll find everything is much easier. Oh, and staying in once in a while? Perfectly okay! 🙂