Hello! Welcome to oh no FOMO.

My name is C.C.! Welcome. oh no FOMO was born out of an extremely long (and continuous) journey in search of health, wealth, and self-love, and care. After more than a decade of living through an undiagnosed illness that left me feeling broken and broke, oh no FOMO is all about finding ways to live the best life you can no matter where you are in life.

What do I mean by “best life”? So many phrases people throw around. If you’ve been on a health journey, it’s easy to find content for people who are already fairly healthy. Many blogs aren’t aimed at people living with chronic pain, illness, or struggling with their mental health. Suggestions like “just eat more vegetables and run more” aren’t exactly the most useful when you can barely get out of bed.

oh no fomo is a one-stop shop for life improvement

Furthermore, many of these sources didn’t have everything I was looking for. Okay, I found out how to meditate, but how do I figure out what I want to do in life? How do I switch careers? How do I get out of debt? Why do I still struggle with my self-worth? I had so many questions, I just decided to start my own blog.

Do you have to have a chronic illness to read my blog? Of course not! By “no matter where you are in life,” I mean YOU, too. My joy in life to help people find their passion in life and give them the skills and resources to live it fully. The information on this blog can be used universally by anyone wanting to make a change to improve their lives.

Some topics that you might see in this blog include: forming good habits, soul searching tips, career advice, money advice, improving self-esteem, gut health, real stories of struggles and failures, green living suggestions, and minimalistic living.