Affiliate FAQ

Affiliate FAQ

Here at oh no fomo, I want to be clear and transparent about my affiliate links and business practices. I have provided information about my affiliations below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Does oh no fomo use affiliate links?

Yes, oh no fomo uses affiliate links.

Who are you an affiliate for?

Currently, I’m an affiliate for Amazon. As the blog grows, I intend to make connections with smaller companies and become an affiliate for companies my values align more with. I will add those companies to this page for transparency.

There are a lot of arguments and concerns about Amazon as far as waste and worker’s rights are concerned. Why do you affiliate with them?

There are articles I’m writing about how to reduce waste when ordering through Amazon. I, myself, very rarely shop from Amazon and generally only buy products that are long-lasting, from reputable companies, and align with my values. I will never post anything on here that I don’t agree with. There is, however, an argument for Amazon being more accessible to folks that live in rural areas or would have to shop at 10+ stores for 10 different items. I want to provide readers with the tools to source their products from local companies. Sometimes, however, that is not fully possible. Also, a zero-waste lifestyle can be extremely daunting. For those starting out, finding what they need in a timely matter is important. Every step matters and any push for change is good.

For almost every product I post from Amazon, I offer an alternative way to get that product or an alternative to the product itself, particularly if the product is not zero-waste.